Eating for Life: Your Guide to Great Health, Fat Loss and Increased Energy

Eating for Life: Your Guide to Great Health, Fat Loss and Increased EnergyDescription

Do you enjoy your meals, love the way you look and feel, and consistently enjoy great health and abundant energy? Bill Phillips, author of the #1 New York Times bestseller Body-for-LIFE, believes your answer should be Yes. He believes our food should be a source of pleasure as well as positive energy, and claims that diets are potentially dangerous because they starve the body instead of giving it the nourishment it needs and usually ineffective. His solution includes eating balanced, nutrient-rich meals several times a day. Based on a mixture of science and sound common sense, Eating for Life will help you to get more enjoyment from your food while improving your general fitness. Bill has already helped thousands of people escape the misery of dieting and discover that food can be a friend rather than an enemy, and nourishes the mind and body, promotes well-being and boosts energy. Let Bill Phillips teach you his clear, concise and practical principles for eating right… for life!


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